About Us

Hi! We are a group of Progressive and Social Democrats in Young Labour and Labour Students. The aim of this blog is to encourage healthy debate in the Labour movement as a whole and put forward the progressive arguments and view points to help Labour win in 2015.


Cameron Beavan-King (@CamBeavanKing)
I am a Labour Student member currently studying a BA in History and Politics at the University of Birmingham. At the time of writing on most of these articles from 2013-14, I was at sixth form. I a member of Labour Students and a seasoned activist. I am also the LGBT+ Officer for Birmingham Young Labour. I am a member of the Birmingham Yardley CLP.

Jake Pitt (@jakepitt_)
I am a writer and blogger for The Columnist and Backbench, as well as some of my local newspapers including the Western Daily Press. I'm also a member of the Labour Party and Progress, seperate to my work in the Youth Parliament. Twitter/instagram: @jakepitt_.

Other Dedicated Contributors

Harry Goodwin (@HarryGoodwin)

Harry Bishop - Chair of Redditch Young Labour